Favorite Winter Sunny Day Activity


Favorite Winter Sunny Day Activity

Friendsfavz is all about the things we love and are passionate about. Well, I love a wintery sunny day in Seattle. It seems to restore our hope that sunshine does exist and gets us out of our Seattle blues. I ventured out to the Sammamish trail today and enjoyed riding my bike along with many other Seattleites who have been hibernating for the last three months. What a glorious day! If you have never had the opportunity to walk or bike along the Sammamish trail, you can catch it in Woodinville at Wilmot park. I love riding along this trail with the Sammamish slew winding its way into Lake Washington, and the tall Poplar trees lining the pathway. The open fields and the wineries add to the ambiance that reminds me of biking and living in Sweden so many years ago. -Karen

So Seattlites and our friends in other cities, what do you do on a sunny winter weekend? Share your favorite spots with us so we can enjoy them too.


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  1. Pre-Superbowl Skiing with my family at Stevens Pass on a clear, sunny day with lots of snow and temps in the 30’s. Back in time for a hot-tub before kickoff! That’s a good day….

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