Etsy – Kimonocards


Etsy - Kimonocards

Etsy is an online marketplace for handmade and vintage goods.

OK, until a week ago I had never heard of Etsy. I was talking with a gal in a store and she was telling me that her daughter sells vintage clothing on Etsy. She could not believe I had never heard of the site. Well, I have been in my stay at home mom bubble for over 16 years and just coming back into the “real world”. I am sure there are many current trends I have yet to discover.

Later the same week, I was on a bus going to watch a golf tournament and all the ladies on the bus were also talking about Etsy. Well, this site must be popular if I hear about it for a second time in the same week. One of the gals on the bus has a friend, Mona, who has Kimonocards on Etsy and makes these unique silk balls. What I found so interesting is that her friend Mona travels to Japan twice a year and buys vintage silk kimonos. She then cuts them into small pieces and makes these beautiful fabric hanging balls for weddings and baby rooms. The gal on the bus helps her friend Mona cut pieces of fabric into thousands of small sizes for assembly, a long and arduous task.

If you have shopped on Etsy, let us know which vendors are your favorites, so we can check them out too. If not, check them out and see all the wonderful handmade items.

I look forward to meeting our friends on friendsfavz and sharing all of your favorites. – Karen


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