Favorite Movies of 2011


Cowboys & Aliens Poster

Well, we may not have seen all the movies nominated for best picture but many of our friends do have a favorite movie from 2011.  Here are some of their favorites.
Let us know what movie of 2011 was your favorite and why.
Best Super Hero Movie – Captain America
Cameron chose this movie as the best of 2011 because “it was simple and well made.”  How can you not like the underdog who goes from wimpy kid to strong man. Then saves the world from a crazed Nazi.
Sci-Fi – Super Eight
Tanner loves this movie and says, “Everything is good about it.”
This movie captures the innocence of a young group of kids making a movie and they accidentally film  the escape of  an alien from the military.  The alien causes havoc in their town and the kids are right in the middle of it all.
Best girl comedy – Bridesmaids, I wasn’t sure I would like this movie but found myself laughing through it.  – Karen
Best Kids movie- I heard it from Dain, a second grader, that she loved Real in Rio. 
Her parents agree that this is a very entertaining movie, even for adults.  The music is fantastic according to Dain who sang a line for me.The song “Real in Rio” was nominated for an Oscar as best original song.
Best Cowboy Movie – Cowboys and Aliens
Dave thought this was a great movie.  What is so cool about it is the  first third of the movie is a western which could stand on its own.  Then they introduce something so preposterous as aliens into the movie and make it believable. They definitely pulled it off!  According to Dave and Cheryl.
Best Period Piece – The Help
Cheryl loved, loved the book and was so pleased that they were faithful to the book in the film.  She talked about the film with such colorful description that it made me want to run out and see the movie.
Best Drama – The Help
Janell also loved this movie.  She liked the poignant messages that it reminded us of, racism and the class system and the detrimental affects on people.  The acting was also superb, a very well made movie.
Thanks for your input friends!  Enjoy the movies, Karen

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