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friendsfavz – Welcome video


Hosts Karen Baughn and Janell Wagner invite you to join us on Our blog show will be featuring all the things we love. We invite you to come on the show and share with all of our friends.


Favorite Phone Apps



I recently purchased an I Phone and I see people using all kinds of fun apps, but I have no idea which ones are worth having on your phone.  Help me find the latest and greatests apps. What are your favorites and what do they do?  -Karen

Some of our friends suggest:

Music – schazam, has a variety of things it will do. Known for identifying a song you hear playing. 

Traffic – Beat the Traffic – the easiest way to enjoy a hassle free commute.

Photos – Instagram – choose fun filters for when you take a picture with your phone.

Coupons – Living Social and Groupon give instant daily deals on the phone app.   

Share and post your favorites!