Favorite Phone Apps



I recently purchased an I Phone and I see people using all kinds of fun apps, but I have no idea which ones are worth having on your phone.  Help me find the latest and greatests apps. What are your favorites and what do they do?  -Karen

Some of our friends suggest:

Music – schazam, has a variety of things it will do. Known for identifying a song you hear playing. 

Traffic – Beat the Traffic – the easiest way to enjoy a hassle free commute.

Photos – Instagram – choose fun filters for when you take a picture with your phone.

Coupons – Living Social and Groupon give instant daily deals on the phone app.   

Share and post your favorites!


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  1. Hello from Sweden!!

    Try Spotyfi!! Looots of music.
    And as U r into boating. There are a lot of different AIS Apps. Intresting to see all the ships around U.


  2. I like the app called “Planets.” It does a great number of things relating to stargazing. Whenever I wonder what constellation it is that I am looking at, or what planet, I just pop open this app and it tells me. It even has a directional feature, so that you can just point and see which direction you are facing, and what planets and stars are in that direction. One of the coolest features of this app is called Sky 3D. It lets you view the constellations from the inside of a virtual globe. I use this this app often, and it’s free!

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