One New Thing!


Janell and I have been stepping out of our box and trying One New Thing each week for the last year.  We have been shaking up our routines and challenging ourselves to do new things big and small.  Our first “One New Thing” was to start this blog.  We have been learning so many new things in posting, linking, filming, and the list continues.  Each time we go to post we seem to have to learn something new.

We would like to invite you to join us in doing One New Thing each week.  Every Tuesday we will be reporting on our One New Thing that we have done.  It all began when my cousin did One New Thing a week for a month before she turned 50.  I thought this was such a fun idea Janell and I decided to incorporate it here at friends favz.  Your One New Thing could be going for a walk on a trail you have never been on before, ordering a different kind of coffee, going to an event or starting a new class.  It seems silly but it is amazing how something so small can inspire you and give a little boost in your day. In doing so, we have found so many new favorite things that we love to share with our friends.

So, for this week my One New Thing is trying out a new gym.  I have been a member at the YMCA for 16 years. One of my sons asked if we could switch and join the local Golds Gym.  My first thought was, why switch when I am so comfortable going to the Y.  I realized I would have to step out of my comfort zone and explore a new place, new faces, and a new routine.  When we were young we did new things like this on a daily basis and were excited about it.  Ok, in the name of keeping youthful I am going to try a new gym and be excited about it.  Wish me luck and I will let you know how it goes next Tuesday as we start our One New Thing on Tuesdays!

Come take the challenge with us here on friendsfavz and try One New Thing each week.  We would love to hear your stories, or post a picture of your new experience.  The weekend is a great time to try something new, go someplace you have never been or take on a new experience.

See you on Tuesday for One New Thing!

Karen and Janell


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