One New Thing on Tuesdays


One New Thing on Tuesdays

” Everyone likes to feel strong and smart. That means as soon as we start to feel stretched or pushed past our limits, we hit the brakes, slam into reverse, and scoot back to our comfort zones. Who wants to risk feeling weak and stupid. ” This is from a book written by two teenagers–Alex and Brett Harris–called “Do Hard Things.”

So when friends favz adopted the One New Thing, I knew I was going to have to stretch beyond my comfort zone. So, this last week I volunteered to lead a beginning biking group. It would be great if I were a pro biker and knew all the ins and outs of biking, but I am a beginner myself. Kind of like the blind leading the blind. So, all of you on the Sammamish Trail on Wednesday mornings watch out because there will be a group of beginner bikers riding your way. I figure we have to start somewhere and by the end of summer we will be keeping up with the best of them!

Step out of your comfort zone this week and join us in doing One New Thing!


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