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Mod Mondays, Fall Fashion 2012


Mod Mondays, Fall Fashion 2012

The 70’s are back! I found this dress at Nordstroms this weekend and I am positive I had a sweater just like it when I was about 14 years old. Or maybe it was my sister Janell who had one like it.? She was definitely the fashionista growing up. She always had the latest fashions and knew just how to make on outfit look good.

Welcome back to the 1970’s!

Do you have a favorite clothing item from the 1970’s?


MOD MONDAYS- Redesigned Antique Furniture


MOD  MONDAYS- Redesigned Antique Furniture

Sometimes what is old is new and hip!
I found this 100 year old antique piano at a pop up market I went to a few weeks ago! It has real Ebony and Ivory keys and has been creatively changed into a Wine Bar!
Wendy Stark of Welcome Home Interiors redesigns antiques and can customize a piece for you. Or you can see some of her furniture pieces at Cranberrry Cottage in Country Village in Bothell, Washington! Cranberry Cottage has a variety of vendors and carries new, antique and vintage items. They have everything from clothing, furniture, jewelry, home decorating. Grab a girlfriend and and visit Cranberry Cottage I know you will find some new favorites too!