One New Thing on Tuesday – Backgammon


One New Thing on Tuesday - Backgammon

I am learning a new game, Backgammon. My husband, Craig, decided we needed to have a friendly family backgammon tournament when we all go as a family to Mexico this coming summer. His four siblings, their families, his mother and our family will all be travelling to Cabo later this year for a family vacation.

Craig bought every family a small travel backgammon game for Christmas and we are all gearing up for the big tournament. We all entered our names to see who we will be playing against and I was really hoping to be paired against Dain, my eight year old niece. I thought I might have a fighting chance against her.

My in-laws are very competitive and I am sure already strategizing on how to beat all of their competitors. Me, well I am not as competitive and would rather lose early so I can enjoy umbrella drinks by the pool. However,In the spirit of the game I figured I should at least know the rules and put in a decent effort. It is actually a very fun and fast game and fairly easy to learn.
Thanks Craig for teaching me a new game! May the best man or woman win! -Karen


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