New Years Workouts!




Have you made a New Years Resolution to workout?

My resolution is to do something (walk, swim, bike, ski, or any variety of exercise) 4-5 days a week. Hoping to develop a consistant routine for working out and better fitness. It is so hard to develop a routine, so feel free to join me daily as I post my workouts and join along where you are.  Or let me know what excercise you are doing to get in shape for the new year.  Sometimes if we publicly admit we are going to workout we are somehow bound to actually sticking to our commitment. Maybe we can all help each other develop a consistant routine and become a little healthier.  

I am going to the site and looking at their single sport workouts for todays workout. They also have workouts for running, swimming, cycling and their crossfit training.

Today, I am going to be using the rowing machine. The workout is 500m as many times as you can with one minute rests. I am not very good yet at the rowing so I usually do 3-4 sets of 500m at a quick pace then lift weights afterwards. If you would like a great total body workout ask someone at your club to show you how to use the rowing machine. I am amazed at how much stronger my legs and core get when I row on a regular basis. I try to do the rowing machine 3x a week and the routines vary week to week.  

So, grab your sneakers and have a great workout today! -Karen


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