New Years Workouts – Log #3 Rest and Restore


New Years Workouts - Log #3 Rest and Restore

Today is a rest and restore day for me. I have a goal to exercise five days a week and luckily I swam on Sunday this week, I usually take Sundays off. I had the intent to at least go to the gym and stretch and do a little core workout on the ball, but unfortunately my cold got the better of me today.
I did have the opportunity to walk around Woodinville today in the crisp winter air waiting for my car to be fixed.
I enjoyed taking a leisurely walk and exploring our quaint little town. I do believe this was a first for me. Usually, I am zipping around town in my car from the bank to the grocery store to the dry cleaners. Woodinville looked a little different on foot and I got to breath in the fresh air and enjoy the sunshine at the same time.
Was today a workout day for you? A workout can be a walk, a run, a bike ride but whatever you choose to do, do it with purpose and enjoy the scenery! Together we can help each other build a new workout routine.

Next week I will be sharing some of our friends workouts with you!


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