Today I would like to introduce our older sister, Candy. She has a story that has inspired me to keep fit and healthy and I admire her perseverance! Her story pulls at my heart strings and I wish she lived up here in Seattle, she lives in Flagstaff, so we could spend more time with her. I hope her story will touch you too! -Karen

It all started in November 2011 when I was told I would need a pacemaker to regulate my heart. The operation went well and I went back to my normal routines. Then on Dec 29, 2011 I awoke in the middle of a stroke. I had right arm neglect and paralizises, left sided facial droop and slurred speech. It was fortunale that my husband was home and being a nurse, he recognized the symtoms right away. At the hospital they could not detrimine the cause of the stroke so I was placed on blood thinners  and since all the symtoms disappeared with no residual effects I was sent home.

Then in February I was able to join the YMCA with a trainer to work with 3 times a week. I also took Tai Chi and Stretching Classes. Then out of nowhere I suffered another stroke 3 days before I was sceduled to leave for a trip to Japan to visit my daughter and my new granddaughter (plus son-in-law and family).  The doctors were stumped about how this stroke could happen since my blood thinners were working perfectly.  After many tests it was discovered my pacemaker wire had entered into the wrong chamber of my heart thru a congenital hole in the chambers. This has happened only a few times world wide.  It was also discovered that I had permanetly lost the vision in the right side of each eye due to a blood clot that had traveled to the brain. Well, after life threatening surgergy and much therapy after 9 weeks I was ready to face the world again. I started back at the YMCA with my trainer.  We broke down my routine so that one day was spent

strengtheningImage the arms, one day on legs and core body and one day on balance and co-ordination.  This has been a slow but continueing process. I also added a video on cardio work-out to my home routine.  It has been a year now and I have progressed and a side benefit is I  lost over 10 pounds. I would recommend exercise to everyone just for overall well being. I know I feel very proud of myself for all that I have accomplished. Get started now, you’ll be glad you did. Happy Exercising! Candy

Staying Fit with Guest Blogger, Candy


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