Skiing into the New Year!



Working out in the New Year is so much fun when you have a friend to join you. My friend Kristy and I went skiing today and took advantage of the sunny warm weather up in the mountains. It was a glorious day up on the mountain. The sky was a deep blue against the glistening snow and the sun was warm on our cheeks as we skied down the mountain.

Skiing is such a social sport and Kristy and I had a chance to catch up on the slow rides up the chairs. Kristy’s 79 year old mother was up at Stevens today too! She was there with a group of women who go up on a bus each week and take lessons.  I hear the bus on the way home is known as the “Party Bus”. They have appetizers, beverages and  just a great social time after a long day of skiing.  Sounds like a good time to me!

Press like if you have ever skied! Comment and tell us your favorite place to ski.

I personally love Whistler but Stevens was pretty incredible today! -Karen



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