Friday Favz!



I was telling my friend Laurie about this wonderful paint company that can transform old cabinets and furniture to look like refurbished vintage. She is redoing her bathroom and was thinking about having painted cabinets for her storage space in a focal point in her bath. I was telling her about this company The Bella Bungalow who uses chalk paint to create different looks on all types of surfaces. I was so curious about how they achieve finishes that look old and classic but requires very little effort. The two ladies that were at the show representing the company were so nice and helpful and said you just paint over the existing surface with little prep. Sounds like my kind of project!  I just came across their card again and thought I would share this with you in case you are searching for a new look in one of your rooms or you need to freshen up  some old furniture.

I am hoping to paint my white shelving in my master closet to give it a richer more elegant look and planning a trip to their store in Arlington. The chalk paint has many different looks with texture and color and I am excited to see the different techniques that I can use on my shelves.

Do you have a painting project that you are wanting to do? Check out their website and view some of their tutorials. -Karen


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