Dinner for Two


ImageGuest Blogger!  Craig here, Karen’s husband.  She asked me to be the guest blogger tonight because I am both handsome and witty (hahaha – this will only get in if I can hit enter before she edits).  Tonight we found ourselves alone (again) as our oldest son is off to college and our youngest is off on another of his many events, friends, hobbies, or all of the above (today indoor “skydiving” with his Uncle at IFly – a great Christmas present – then off to church).  Anywhooo….. that left the two of us alone at home, so my lovely wife set a very nice “table” at the Kitchen Island, including her Glassy Baby’s, with their individual bling things, place mats, napkins… the whole deal.  And, we enjoyed a wonderful steak dinner (meat compliments of my In-Law’s who gave us a selection of Kansas City Steak Company steaks for Christmas), accompanied by a small bottle of 2008 Decorum Red Table Wine – made with love and care by Vinters (and our special friends) Drew and Deb Lowe.  Drew is a long time local wine maker, having started making wine with his friend and neighbor Gary Bunker probably 15 years ago or more (Wish Willing Cellars).  That fruitful partnership (witty alert!) ended due to both of them moving far away from each other.  Drew has continued on making fine wines with his wife Deb under the label Decorum.  I especially like it when I compliment his wines and that results in a few more bottles coming my way!  Tonight he responded to my text message with a promise of a case of the liquid gold…. And, I know Karen has Drew and Deb on her list of future guests, not only for their wine making, but also for their other creative talents such as making cheese, fruit jam and jellies, Lemoncello (yum!), and expertise in multi-dimensional nuclear physics (OK – not the last one, but I was trying to come up with something that makes them sound cooler).  So, stay tuned for a more in depth dissertation of their talents in an upcoming episode…. That’s all from me tonight, as I need to get back to the dishes, which is a cheap price to pay for a wonderful “Dinner for Two” with my beautiful, loving wife.  


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