New Thing Tuesdays – Painting



I tend to do projects around my house this time of year and I have been wanting to redo my closet for some time. My husband thinks our closet is just fine of course, but I think we could do so much more with it, new closet system, lovely bins for storage…… I think I have a vision of a Cinderella closet, that is once she moved into the castle version.

My New Thing this Tuesday is painting the shelves in my closet. I found this Chalk paint, by Maison Blanche, I have been wanting to try and found out that it requires little to no prep and has no smell. For an inexperienced painter, I don’t think I have ever painted anything, and sensitive to smells, I thought this would be the perfect paint for me to experiment with.  I have the basic white pressboard shelving in my closet and I would really like to create a shabby chic look.

There are several techniques you can use to create different textures and looks which I am learning and experimenting with.  I am practicing on a sample board to see how the paint goes on and then trying it with an antique wax over the top, then either leaving a lot of wax on it for an older look or buffing some of the wax off for a more gentle used look. I watched a video of Annie Sloan on You tube and I love her attitude about painting.  She said to use a large enough brush every which way so you are painting evenly uneven and jab here and there and “just get on with it”,  in other words get it done and don’t fuss.  My kind of painting! The paint is suppose to have texture and character to it, as if a piece of artwork.


There are several brands out there but the one I am trying, Maison Blanche, you only need  one wax according to the nice gal at the store Quite the Find in Country Village where they stock this paint. The Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is carried at Bella Bungalow in Arlington or Haley’s Cottage. My friend Wendy, who has a decorating business and recreates vintage pieces of furniture, uses this paint and suggested I try it.  Wendy offered some tips on some techniques so I will be sharing her talents with you on a later blog post.

Are you introducing new things into your world? Leave us a comment below or on our facebook page and tell us what you are doing new. -Karen

Annie Sloan chalk paint tutorial


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