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New Thing Tuesday! Exploring Huntington Beach


My son Tanner and I were visiting colleges last week in Los Angeles and had some extra time on our hands. We decided to check out some of the beaches that we had never been to before.  A new experience and place for our New Thing Tuesday! I am liking this idea of new things, especially when it involves sunshine and the beach.

Do you have a favorite beach?


New Thing Tuesday! On the Road


New Thing Tuesday ButtonThis week we are taking our New Thing Tuesday on the road to Los Angeles.

My son Tanner and I are travelling to numerous new places this week as we are visiting prospective colleges.  We started out in Ladera Ranch and travelled North to La Mirada to visit Biola University.  I must say La Mirada is not new to me as I have come to find out.  I lived there when I was born until I was three years old but have not been back since.  I had forgotten that I lived so close to Biola until my younger sister and my Mom reminded me and they had a chuckle at my expense due to the fact that I had no recollection of ever living there. All the stories I remember is that we lived in Hawthorne, which is not close to Biola University, and I was born in Whittier and then moved to Seattle Washington.  So, I was a little surprised when my Mom told me I lived 2 miles from the college.

Our next stop was to an area that is new to me and to my son Tanner, Marina Del Ray. We visited the very beautiful campus of LMU which sits above the marina on a bluff. It is amazing how many prospective students on our tour were from Seattle. I guess even the young people from Seattle like to seek out the sunshine too. I just hope my Mom doesn’t come back and tell me we lived there too.

We ventured past Venice beach and opted not to stop there and continued onto another new spot for us, Santa Monica. We strolled along the Promenade shops and had a wonderful lunch at a little french crepe restaurant.  Tanner was surprised at how good the crepe was, the strawberries had no added sugar and the cream tasted more like cream than sugar.  A nice change to the the usual super sugary “Americanized” crepes you can sometimes come across.


Tanner also had some other new dining experience tonight at a Mexican restaurant that was recommended to us by the hotel. After his tender pork ribs, which he said were even better than Ted’s. (Our friend Ted makes the best ribs I have ever tasted. He has a special recipe and smokes them all day for a tender cooked to perfection rib.) After diner Tanner tried a new dessert for him, flan. It is a light custard desert topped with a carmel sauce. Luckily for me they brought two spoons so I got to enjoy it too.

I am looking forward to exploring some other new places and having some new experiences this week with my son as we venture to Beverly Hills and Hollywood.

Are you travelling to some new destinations or vacation spots? Eating at some new restaurants or just trying out some new foods at home?   Share with us about some of your new experiences and places this week.


New Thing Tuesday! Bunco


New Thing Tuesday Button

This past weekend my husband and I were invited to a Bunco party! I googled how to play Bunco before I went and several of the You Tube videos described it as a “girls game”.

Well, there were 20 couples at this party and the guys had just as much fun as the girls. Or at least they said they did.  Bunco is a fun dice game of chance and you have two pairs at each table.  You start rolling, counting how many ones you get and keep rolling until you do not get any more ones.  The the dice continue around the table and  you and your partner keep track of how many ones you get until the head table rings the bell when they reach 21 points or they get a Bunco!  You get 1 point for every one you roll, 5 points for all the same number at once and 21 points for a Bunco which would be all ones in the first game. There are always people at your table that are incredibly competitive, I heard “winner, winner, chicken dinner” more than once that night. I haven’t heard that since I was in junior high.

The winning partners rotate to the next table and switch places so they have new partners and now you roll for two’s.  A simple game but fun never the less. There were some people who stayed at their same table most of the night, never winning a round and of course they were given a bad time.  All in a friendly manner of course!


I was thinking that this is such a fun way to get some friends or neighbors together and so I searched my game closet and down towards the bottom I found a Bunco game! Get out the invites!

Tell us what you have done new lately! Have you eaten at a new restaurant that you loved and want to share with your friends or tried a new marinara sauce that has become your new favorite?

Come and share with us at friendsfavz! -Karen


IMG_9580Getting Organized

In the beginning there is fuss and confusion, dust and clutter. What do we do with all of our stuff and where to begin? I get overwhelmed when I start to think about all the chores, projects and  clutter that accumulates around my house. I need help!

I started a few weeks after Kelsey Brownings Organize Now Challenge  started, but I think we can catch up in a few short steps. The great thing about the book she is following, Organize Now by Jennifer Berry, is that the chapters are short and the questions and processes are quick to accomplish. Follow Kelsey Browning and her review of the book for a more detailed recap at

Karen’s quick recap of week one: What is your vision for this coming year?

I am in a place of transition from being consumed by childrens schedules and events to having only one highschooler at home who is independent and drives himself to his events . My husband has started a new job and travels quite a bit so I now have more time on my hands and am redifining my role as mother and person. Which explains my starting a video blog and getting certified as a Bowenwork practitioner. However, there are times where I need to be flexible and jump back into my crazy schedule of others priorities. It is an interesting time and one of reflection and seeking my purpose and feeling productive.

Week one: Create an idea of what your Ideal Vision is for yourself .

Mine includes my family, innovating, creating, meeting new people, excercising, having new experiences, all in a productive manner and creating a feeling of purpose. My ideal vision you can see does not include laundry, vacuuming or washing dishes. However, in my realistic life I should include maintaining my home.

IMG_9563Week two: What is important to you and what is your purpose?

Make a list of top ten priorities, list and post somewhere  that you can see it daily.

Mine include family and home life, health, work (Bowenwork), filming, creative projects, social and fun time. Actually, I like to include fun into all areas of life.

Visit with us next week as we continue following Kelsey Brownings Organize Now Challenge. Your homework this week is to write out your top priorities for this year.

Fan favz

Did you have a favorite pair of jeans growing up? Levi’s, swabbies, bell bottoms, straight leg?  

I remember I had a pair of swabbies, those ultra cool bell bottom jeans popular in 1975.  I googled swabbies and this is what came up first:  Bell Bottoms – jeans popular in Seattle in 1975-1976.  I am wondering if we were the only ones in the US wearing them?

Thanks for visiting,

Karen at friends favz

Getting Organized – In the beginning

One New Thing on Tuesdays! – Dining experiences


New Thing Tuesday Button

I grabbed my Dad and Mom to join me this week in trying One New Thing.  My Dad just celebrated his 75th Birthday and I took he and my mom to lunch at a restaurant that was new to them.  Last month we ventured to a new Thai restaurant for us in Mill Creek and so I thought we would try another Thai restaurant in downtown Bothell called Pen Thai. The restaurant was buzzing with activity at lunchtime but they were able to seat us right away and tended to use promptly. We ordered several dishes to split and my Mom and Dad loved the entire experience.  The mongolian beef came out on a sizzling plate and the sauce with the three stars was oh so very tasty. My favorite was the pork fried rice and the pad thai was another favorite of my moms.

My Dad gave all of us girls, the four sisters that live in the Seattle area, a wonderful gift for Christmas. He and my mom are taking one of us out each month for a special lunch or dinner.  As I get older I cherish the time with my parents more and more. I always love being the only sibling with them and feeling like the favorite child for an hour while we have a meal together. I have five sisters so there is always a  little competition to be the favorite child. I must say that my mom and dad are always good at making us all feel special.  They are wonderful parents and I love being able to spend time with them.

Let me know if you have a favorite restaurant around the Seattle area and maybe we will pick your favorite restaurant to try for our parent daughter time together. -Karen


LaDon and Dick Wagner, better know as Mom and Dad!