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I grabbed my Dad and Mom to join me this week in trying One New Thing.  My Dad just celebrated his 75th Birthday and I took he and my mom to lunch at a restaurant that was new to them.  Last month we ventured to a new Thai restaurant for us in Mill Creek and so I thought we would try another Thai restaurant in downtown Bothell called Pen Thai. The restaurant was buzzing with activity at lunchtime but they were able to seat us right away and tended to use promptly. We ordered several dishes to split and my Mom and Dad loved the entire experience.  The mongolian beef came out on a sizzling plate and the sauce with the three stars was oh so very tasty. My favorite was the pork fried rice and the pad thai was another favorite of my moms.

My Dad gave all of us girls, the four sisters that live in the Seattle area, a wonderful gift for Christmas. He and my mom are taking one of us out each month for a special lunch or dinner.  As I get older I cherish the time with my parents more and more. I always love being the only sibling with them and feeling like the favorite child for an hour while we have a meal together. I have five sisters so there is always a  little competition to be the favorite child. I must say that my mom and dad are always good at making us all feel special.  They are wonderful parents and I love being able to spend time with them.

Let me know if you have a favorite restaurant around the Seattle area and maybe we will pick your favorite restaurant to try for our parent daughter time together. -Karen


LaDon and Dick Wagner, better know as Mom and Dad!


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  1. Laurie, Yes we all thought this was a very unique gift. I forget which months I am scheduled, so I am hoping my dad will remind me. I think we decided to do lunch and we already talked about trying out another Thai restaurant in Greenwood. I will let you know how it is. Have fun in Florida! I am sure you will have some new experiences when you are travelling.

  2. I love Pen Thai!!! It’s one of our favorite restaurants.

    What a wonderful Christmas present, Karen. I’ll bet all of you were thrilled!

    I didn’t post a New Thing this week. Getting ready to head out of town. I’ll definitely post next week.

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