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This past weekend my husband and I were invited to a Bunco party! I googled how to play Bunco before I went and several of the You Tube videos described it as a “girls game”.

Well, there were 20 couples at this party and the guys had just as much fun as the girls. Or at least they said they did.  Bunco is a fun dice game of chance and you have two pairs at each table.  You start rolling, counting how many ones you get and keep rolling until you do not get any more ones.  The the dice continue around the table and  you and your partner keep track of how many ones you get until the head table rings the bell when they reach 21 points or they get a Bunco!  You get 1 point for every one you roll, 5 points for all the same number at once and 21 points for a Bunco which would be all ones in the first game. There are always people at your table that are incredibly competitive, I heard “winner, winner, chicken dinner” more than once that night. I haven’t heard that since I was in junior high.

The winning partners rotate to the next table and switch places so they have new partners and now you roll for two’s.  A simple game but fun never the less. There were some people who stayed at their same table most of the night, never winning a round and of course they were given a bad time.  All in a friendly manner of course!


I was thinking that this is such a fun way to get some friends or neighbors together and so I searched my game closet and down towards the bottom I found a Bunco game! Get out the invites!

Tell us what you have done new lately! Have you eaten at a new restaurant that you loved and want to share with your friends or tried a new marinara sauce that has become your new favorite?

Come and share with us at friendsfavz! -Karen


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  1. I was texting my sister Tamra while I was working on this post and she was having a new experience, staying at a new Hotel. She is staying at the luxurious, The London Beverly Hills, for work. I looked it up and it is very swanky. She thought the valet was mortified when she drove up in her ford explorer with goldfish crumbs and a car seat.

    Tamra, Have a great time and drive away proud in your Ford Explorer! At least it is not like my last rental car in LA, a light blue Crown Victoria. -Karen

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