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friendsfavz Easter 2013


Happy Easter!

Holidays are a great time to get family together. I want you to meet our extended family. Janell and I are number two and three of six girls and our two youngest sisters are identical twins! If you are wondering how my Dad survived, well we will just say he is very quite. It is hard to get a word in edgewise with six daughters! Today we had five of our siblings with kids and grandkids along with our Mom and Dad at the lake!

My adorable 10 year old  niece Belli, brought this tasty creation with her to our Easter celebration.  They are multi-colored  Easter Egg cakes!  I found a recipe for the cupcakes online at

They were a tasty creative treat!



New Thing Tuesday! Chic Essentials Trunk Show


I headed to Duvall this week to watch a trunk show of spring fashions from Chic Essentials. They are reinventing themselves and going only online at I love their line of clothing because it is fashionable and comfortable with cottons and lycra blends.  The lines they carry are updated and detailed with fun buttons and lines to flatter any figure! You will have to check them out online next month. They are just getting their online store up and running so be patient if their selection is not showing on their site yet. It is definitely worth the wait!

Also, check out Match Coffee and Wine in Duvall, they were wonderful hosts and served everyone with a smile. Christel Vander Weide   entertained us throughout the night with her beautiful voice. You can find her information at

I was talking with a gal at the show and we were both commenting on how hard it is to find clothes that are appropriate yet stylish for women who are in their 40’s and up or someone who does not have the “perfect” shape. Maybe you are needing tops that are a little longer or fuller through the midsection but not boxy. Yet, you still want to look like you have a waist or a figure.  I would love to find stores or places online to shop and share these with all of our friends here at friendsfavz.

So, if you have a favorite line of clothing or favorite store that fits the not so perfect figure let us know so we can share it on our blog with all of our friends. 

Some of my favorites are Chic Essentials and White House Black Market ( they sometimes have tunic type tops that are fitted yet not too tight with scrumptious fabrics)


Getting Organized Post #2


Join me as we follow Kelsey Brownings blog post, Organize Now challenge! You can start organizing any time of the year. I started following Kelsey’s blog post and have adopted some of her suggestions that have helped me be a little more organized in my day!  She has a great recap of Jennifer  Berrry’s book Organize Now. Check out her blog a

Do you have a system of scheduling that works great for you?

  • I am a stay at home mom so my days are filled with stuff. I remember my Mom always telling my Dad growing up that she had a lot of stuff to do.  I know what she means now. I can walk into a room and there is stuff to tend to, groceries to buy, cleaning, cooking, laundry…. yes a lot of stuff. I do not always think to write all of the “stuff” down in my schedule so I tend to get overwhelmed by it all. So, to help me have a sense of accomplishment I am attempting to write down all the stuff and cross it off.
  • I also am going around the house and seeing long term cleaning projects that I have been meaning to get to and have a family cleaning list. I am attempting to delegate more and teaching my kids skills they will need to have when they leave home. My youngest son learned to polish shoes today and hand wash his sweater. During spring break my boys are going to learn how to paint the bathroom. I am liking this getting organized business!

Cleaning, Cleaning, Cleaning – share your tips to help all of our friends here at friendsfavz!


friendsfavz – kidfavz


Wednesdays are devoted to kids and family! Join me as we visit with Lilly and as she shares her unique collection with us. Lilly is one of my many nieces and is a darling 10 year old. Her Grandfather started a Fossil of the Month Club with her so they would be able to connect and have something in common to share. He sends her a fossil each month with a description that tells about the fossil. Lilly has fun organizing her fossils in a storage unit with drawers, so she can find them later or share with friends. She has some distinctive fossils that I am sure you will enjoy.

Do you have a collection? Another one of my nieces, Dain, has a Barbie collection she is going to share with us here at friendsfavz kidfavz.If you have a collection you would like to share with our young friends contact us at -Karen

New Thing Tuesday! Water Aerobics in the Lazy River


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Have you done One New Thing this week?

My mother-in-law, Doreen, has been talking about her water aerobics class in the lazy river for some time.  She has been going for several months and feels like she has gained strength and balance by doing exercises in the current of the lazy river.  I was curious about this class and finally decided to go to the Lynnwood pool and check it out.  I have gone three times now and love how I feel after working out in the current.  I should admit that they were not going to let me join the class the first time because it is a class for people 62 years old and over. The  guy at the desk looked and realized the class was not very full and could use a few more people so we decided maybe I look like a very, very young 62. We have done several workouts focusing on core, upper body and endurance and you get as much as you put into it, as with any water aerobics class. I have been enjoying this class so much that I bought a pass for better pricing on the classes!

Rec Center Banner

The Lynnwood Pool has something for everyone, a lazy river, kids play area, slides, therapeutic pool and a lap pool.

Let us know what you have done lately that got you out of your comfort zone! Let us cheer for you and your accomplishment!