New Thing Tuesday! Water Aerobics in the Lazy River


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Have you done One New Thing this week?

My mother-in-law, Doreen, has been talking about her water aerobics class in the lazy river for some time.  She has been going for several months and feels like she has gained strength and balance by doing exercises in the current of the lazy river.  I was curious about this class and finally decided to go to the Lynnwood pool and check it out.  I have gone three times now and love how I feel after working out in the current.  I should admit that they were not going to let me join the class the first time because it is a class for people 62 years old and over. The  guy at the desk looked and realized the class was not very full and could use a few more people so we decided maybe I look like a very, very young 62. We have done several workouts focusing on core, upper body and endurance and you get as much as you put into it, as with any water aerobics class. I have been enjoying this class so much that I bought a pass for better pricing on the classes!

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The Lynnwood Pool has something for everyone, a lazy river, kids play area, slides, therapeutic pool and a lap pool.

Let us know what you have done lately that got you out of your comfort zone! Let us cheer for you and your accomplishment!



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