Getting Organized Post #2


Join me as we follow Kelsey Brownings blog post, Organize Now challenge! You can start organizing any time of the year. I started following Kelsey’s blog post and have adopted some of her suggestions that have helped me be a little more organized in my day!  She has a great recap of Jennifer  Berrry’s book Organize Now. Check out her blog a

Do you have a system of scheduling that works great for you?

  • I am a stay at home mom so my days are filled with stuff. I remember my Mom always telling my Dad growing up that she had a lot of stuff to do.  I know what she means now. I can walk into a room and there is stuff to tend to, groceries to buy, cleaning, cooking, laundry…. yes a lot of stuff. I do not always think to write all of the “stuff” down in my schedule so I tend to get overwhelmed by it all. So, to help me have a sense of accomplishment I am attempting to write down all the stuff and cross it off.
  • I also am going around the house and seeing long term cleaning projects that I have been meaning to get to and have a family cleaning list. I am attempting to delegate more and teaching my kids skills they will need to have when they leave home. My youngest son learned to polish shoes today and hand wash his sweater. During spring break my boys are going to learn how to paint the bathroom. I am liking this getting organized business!

Cleaning, Cleaning, Cleaning – share your tips to help all of our friends here at friendsfavz!



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