New Thing Tuesday!


This week I tried a new wine, Milgrandt Vineyards Pinot, with my friend Laurie! ImageLaurie was telling me about a twitter event that she joined in on Thursday night with Sean P. Sullivan @wawinereport. He chooses a wine that everyone goes out and buys and tries on the designated Thursday night. Then he begins to asks questions to the twitter followers.

He started out with questions about the label and ended up with, is it a buy or sell. They all join in and comment on the wine and it becomes a great community event. I caught one of the tweets that night and was wondering what was up and tried to follow. I must admit that I am often baffled by twitter. I found the wine they were talking about but didn’t realize that it was a virtual tasting event. I forgot about it until we had Laurie and her husband over for dinner and she walked in with this wine, the Milbrandt Pinot, for us to taste. She told me about the twitter event and then it all made sense.

I looked it up later on twitter and saw all the chatter going on that night regarding the wine. I think the consensus was that it was a light and crisp Pinot for a good price at $13 a bottle that would go well with many foods. I am now following Washington Wine Report so I can join in the next tasting! What fun. I will keep you posted when the next virtual wine tasting event is, in case you want to join in the tasting too.

You can also check out Washington Wine Tasting at

Have you tried a new wine lately that you would recommend to a friend?



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