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Kidfavz, Sara and The Bubble


Kidfavz, Sara and The Bubble

Welcome to kidfavz! On Wednesdays we share our favz that have to do with all the kiddos in our lives.

Today, I decided to share this enchanting photo of my nieces daughter, Sara Rose. I always refer to her as my niece but I am wondering if the correct term is grandniece?  I prefer to be called  Auntie Karen rather than Great Aunt Karen ( it makes me feel younger that way). However, when I was taking one of my other grandnieces to school one day the teachers were a little confused when I said the 3 year old was my niece. I then had to explain to them that she was really my nieces daughter and that her grandmother was my sister and not her mom, all very confusing. Anyway, this lovely photo was taken by Marek Ospaly along with many other photos of their family in a park in Japan recently on a sunny spring day.

They had a photo session in Osaka and Sara was chasing bubbles but they did not show in the photo. Angela, my niece, contacted my son Cameron and he was able to add the bubble back into the photo for them. I love Angela’s comment about the picture of her daughter,”Sara reminds me of a little fairy in the woods here following a magical bubble. I wonder where it will lead her…..”

I feel like we have the beginnings of a story here. Anyone want to add a line? It could be like that game we used to play growing up where each person adds a little to the story.


New Thing Tuesday, Adventures with Darla


Meet my sister Darla!

She went on a huge adventure this last week to Red Mountain Resort in Utah. I am so proud of her and what she has accomplished this last year.
One year ago she was in pain, struggling to move and had just gone through her second surgery which took bone spurs out of her neck. She has always been an advent athlete and she was barely able to get out of bed by herself after her surgeries. I know because I spent many days helping her out of bed and down the stairs. It still brings tears to my eyes thinking about her after her surgeries and seeing first hand how much she had to deal with. The amount of pain she tolerated between her surgeries was incredible, something I surely would not have handled with as much dignity. During my time as nurse, I did enjoy our quiet evenings to catch up and have some quality time with my baby sister. Ok, I have to let you know that I have two baby sisters since she has an identical twin, Deena. Long deep discussions are not something we are able to do at family events since we have six girls in our family. We usually fight to get a word in edgewise and so the conversations tend to be quick and kind of fluffy.

Darla has achieved so much in this last year through perseverance, a lot of hard work and sheer will. She  not only is able to do an average workout but spent a whole week doing multiple workouts daily during her week stay at this health resort. Darla, you are an inspiration to me and next time maybe I can join you on your next adventure! I am not sure I could keep up with you but I would be happy to hang by the pool while you do your five different classes in one day!

Love you lots, your big sister Karen

friendsfavz Favorite Lip Products


Have you ever had a Lip Gloss become a conversation piece?

Every time I pull out my Light Up Lip Gloss in public someone will come up to me and ask, what is that? Besides the fact that the lip gloss feels cool on your lips and looks fantastic over a lipstick or by itself, it has a light in the wand so you can see your lips as you put on the gloss. The Artistry Lip Gloss also has a mirror and comes in many fashion forward shades.

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See some of your favorites featured here on our friendsfavz You Tube Video Blog.

The Giveaway is now closed! Congratulations to Amanda

Happy Mothers Day from friendsfavz! 2013


Happy Mothers Day!IMG_9414A tribute to my MOM!

(My mom seen here with my dad, me and three of my sisteres)

My mom would tell you that I am a person of few words. She would send me off to camp when I was in grade school and pack paper, envelopes (all addressed and stamped) and a pencil for me to write a letter when I was away at camp.  The camp counselors always gave us time to write a letter home but I would sit on my bunk and stare at the paper. I could never  think of anything to write, so I never did and would bring back the empty letter to my mom.

Well, Mom this is to make up for all the words I did not write in the past.

My mom is the mother to six beautiful daughters, so she tells us. People use to say that she looked like one of the sisters when we were teens and we would all giggle at the thought. My favorite memory growing up is when my mom would dress up in her “fancy” clothes. They did not have the opportunity to go out much but she did have a dress that I loved. It was a  beautiful yellow 1960’s shift dress with a yellow feather boa trim on the bottom. Just like you would see one of the movie stars wearing. She looked wonderful in it too. I loved that dress and would often go into her closet and look at it. What I would do to have that dress today.  She always had her makeup done and her hair fixed (thinking back I wonder how she always had a fancy hairdo when she had no blow dryer or hot curlers.) The house always seemed clean and she made a huge dinner for us every night. I often wonder how she managed to keep the house, kids, events in order and keep calm too?

Now as an adult I most treasure the help my mom has been to me as a teen and into my adulthood. I remember we would come home from school, even as teens, walk through the door and yell to mom “I’m home”.  Never identifying ourselves by name because she surely knew us by our voices. We felt secure because we knew there would always be a reply of “OK”. She sacrificed years to “be there for us” and ready to listen when we needed to vent.  She is still great at listening and I realize what a rare quality this is and how much I  value her ability to listen without judging.

I cannot tell you how many times my mom has come to my rescue to rock sick babies or give a helping hand.  She surely has a gift to soothe babies and get them to sleep.  Now, I still call her for tips on how to cook certain dishes or for her advice on how to raise a teenager and still maintain your sanity.

Thank you mom for all your unconditional love ! All in all, yes, I have a wonderful MOM!

Do you have a favorite memory of your mom growing up? Share with us in the comments, we would love to get to know you and your mom.

PS.To Mom:  At camp I swam, ran, made new friends, didn’t like the food and had a fun time!

Love always, Karen

New Thing Tuesday – Rhythm or Not, You can Dance!


IMG_0109I signed up for and attended a new dance studio class this week at Arthur Murray.  I have been searching for a beginner to intermediate dance class during the days and finally found one in Bellevue, Wa.  Today, I learned a few steps of the West Coast Swing and I think this is my new favorite dance. My dance instructor said, you can decide some of your own steps in the West Coast Swing as the girl and not have to do exactly what the lead is doing. My eyes lit up when he said that and he chuckled a bit realizing that I would enjoy a little creative freedom in dance.

I also learned the basic steps, turns and form to the Meringue and the Rumba.  After two hours of dance my head was a bit fuzzy trying to concentrate and my instructors kept testing me to see if I could do all the steps and talk at the same time. Luckily, I passed and am on my way to the next set of classes.

As much as I love the private lessons, I may have to search for a group class that will fit my parent of a college student budget, a bit better. At least I have narrowed down which dances I like the best and enjoyed dancing with someone who is well trained. I thoroughly enjoyed my private lessons and think this is a good way to go if you want some special attention.  I think I will search for a group swing class, especially a beginners West Coast Swing series.

Do you like to dance? Or do you have a recommendation on a dance club, class or teacher that you would recommend to others?

* Check out the Seattle Dance calendar created by Ron Bolin for dance events around the Seattle area.

*I have attended the Maltby Community Dance Events on the first and third Fridays and love to learn from Doug and Penny! Visit them on facebook at Matlby Community Dance for updates and news.