New Thing Tuesday – Rhythm or Not, You can Dance!


IMG_0109I signed up for and attended a new dance studio class this week at Arthur Murray.  I have been searching for a beginner to intermediate dance class during the days and finally found one in Bellevue, Wa.  Today, I learned a few steps of the West Coast Swing and I think this is my new favorite dance. My dance instructor said, you can decide some of your own steps in the West Coast Swing as the girl and not have to do exactly what the lead is doing. My eyes lit up when he said that and he chuckled a bit realizing that I would enjoy a little creative freedom in dance.

I also learned the basic steps, turns and form to the Meringue and the Rumba.  After two hours of dance my head was a bit fuzzy trying to concentrate and my instructors kept testing me to see if I could do all the steps and talk at the same time. Luckily, I passed and am on my way to the next set of classes.

As much as I love the private lessons, I may have to search for a group class that will fit my parent of a college student budget, a bit better. At least I have narrowed down which dances I like the best and enjoyed dancing with someone who is well trained. I thoroughly enjoyed my private lessons and think this is a good way to go if you want some special attention.  I think I will search for a group swing class, especially a beginners West Coast Swing series.

Do you like to dance? Or do you have a recommendation on a dance club, class or teacher that you would recommend to others?

* Check out the Seattle Dance calendar created by Ron Bolin for dance events around the Seattle area.

*I have attended the Maltby Community Dance Events on the first and third Fridays and love to learn from Doug and Penny! Visit them on facebook at Matlby Community Dance for updates and news.



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