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Woodway Class of 1978, 35 year reunion


Could it really be 35 years ago that I graduated from High School?
I grew up in Edmonds Washington where you can smell the salt air and the beach is just a bike ride away.

I remember high school days when people filled the fountain on Main Street with soap and it would overflow into the street. My friend Val and I would cruise the beaches in her 55 Ford truck and look for our friends, well, really we were looking for cute guys. Everyone would go to the football games then head to Herfy’s for fries and shakes after the game! What fun times and we thought we were so grown up.

Jump ahead 35 years, now many classmates have moved back to Edmonds realizing what a gem it is with the ferry, the sound and the quaint little town. We have gone from a world revolving around us as teens to having navigated through the years of raising kids and are now faced with being empty nesters. I must say that I am looking forward to having hobbies again and having time to reconnect with old friends.

I describe our class as being special with many bonds. We have had great turnouts for our reunions and I know especially as we get older how much we appreciate seeing each other. We have grown past the high school groups and can enjoy our sense of community and building new friendships.

Here are a few snapshots for those of you who were not able to make it to the reunion. Sorry, for the low quality photos and movies. The lighting was not good with our camera phones and everyone was busy visiting so we did not get photos of all who attended.
Hope you are all doing well and see you in five years at the next reunion!

Karen Rae