friendsfavz, Blog Challenge day 1

friendsfavz, Blog Challenge day 1

Hi friends,

Today I am taking part in a blogging challenge inspired by Alex Beadon.

Who is Alex Beadon you ask?

I have been following her inspiring, informative blog and Chatty Tuesday videos for some time and always come away with useful information.  I love her zest for life and her passion for helping others succeed. She covers all types of topics for entrepreneurs, bloggers, social media users and much more. I highly suggest you check her out at  

This week, she has a special project to help people like me feel good about blogging. Our first challenge is to introduce our blog and ourselves, why we are blogging and what we hope to share with our viewers.  So here we go!

Do you have a fun fact that most people do not know about you? Share your fun fact below in the comments, I would love to hear from you.

My fun fact: I can ride a bike with no hands! Ok, my friend Patty’s 6 year old son was impressed!

Come feel beautiful with us!

Karen Rae


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  1. I love your enthusiasm Karen! Its a real pick me up when I’m feeling down. I don’t have a video blog but I’m going to try to be more faithful in keeping up with my blog which has been about some of the big challenges my family has been thru that most families would have troble getting thru one. I have written about my two strokes and am currently writing about my daughters brain tumour. These are stories of survival and courage so I hope all our friends here will come take a peak at my page .

    • Candy, you are truly amazing and what you have accomplished is incredible! Thanks for always visiting my blog and commenting. I love having the chance to visit with you. I would encourage others to visit Candy’s blog and read her story. Bring tissues with you! Candy’s story is about challenges and overcoming!

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