friendsfavz, Blog Challenge – Passion

friendsfavz, Blog Challenge – Passion

Today Alex Beadon is challenging us to dig deep and explore the reasons why we are blogging. What is our passion and what is our story. I ventured outdoors in the wind and rain for some inspiration!

Everybody has a story and my blogging story starts with a transition in life. It is a  time where I was reevaluating my purpose in life and what my new “job” would be as an empty-nester. I thought my transition from mom to Karen would be easy. As time would tell, it is not so easy.

I had to evaluate what I thought were my strengths: being a mom, having fun, being creative, meeting and empowering new friends,  and helping others feel beautiful. Put this all together and I came up with creating a video blog and web show for women. I am hoping to empower women to feel more beautiful and share our favorites! And to have lots of fun along the way!

Do you have a passion? Would love to hear what you are passionate about in the comments below.

Come Feel Beautiful with us at friendsfavz!

Karen Rae


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  1. Karen its going to be fun doing this challenge with you. I think you have made a perfect match your ideals line up perfectly with your goal of starting your friendsfavz page.I know I love coming to your page and getting inspired! Keep up the good work!

    • Hi Rachel, Thanks for visiting and the encouragement. I looked up your site and what lovely photography! It must feel good to be involved in capturing such special moments in someones life.

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