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friendsfavz Makes Meatballs

friendsfavz Makes Meatballs
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Making Mama Giacomina’s Meatballs with Laurie London

My friend Laurie and I had lots of laughs while filming the other day as we tested out a new recipe for meatballs, which came with an interesting story as well.

Laurie London is a NY Times and USA Today bestselling paranormal romance author. You can catch her on my new friendsfavz web show coming soon to You Tube and hear about  her latest book in the Iron Portal series. She loves vampire stories and has been watching a web series called Vampire Mob. Joe Wilson, the creator, decided after the loss of one of Marcia Wallace, the actress who played one of the main characters, to turn the show into a graphic novel to keep her character “alive”.  He is funding this project through Indie GoGo and you can hear the entire story of how this came about at Vampire Mob on Indie Go Go.

Laurie signed up to support the Vampire Mob graphic novel and one of the perks was a meatball recipe from Mama Giacomina. We decided it would be fun to film our experience making the meatballs and testing out the recipe. They were molto buona!

If you want the exact recipe you will have to check out the Vampire Mob Indie GoGo site!