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A Visit With My Grandmother

A Visit With My Grandmother

I was reading an article this morning in Blueprint for Life about a woman who was visiting her hometown and she was asked by a friend,“Is there anything you will regret not doing if you don’t do it before you leave?”

This resonated with me because my husband and I had a discussion recently on the same topic. I had been talking about visiting my 91 year old grandmother for some time and kept putting it off because of time constraints, cost ……. So many excuses. My husband finally told me to plan the trip to visit her and we would make it work.  My niece, in the meantime, told me that her daughter’s dance troupe was invited to dance in the Disneyland parade one week before Christmas. Since my grandmother lives in the LA area, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to see both my grandmother and my grandniece all on the same vacation.

We schedule a time to visit my Grandmother and I asked her if we could do a little mini photo shoot with Image
her.  I coordinated the vacation with my son Cameron so he could meet us in LA during his Christmas break. Luckily, Cameron has a photo business, Cameron Baughn Photography, and I could put his skills to work for the photo shoot. My Grandmother has always loved getting her picture taken and was happy that we were coming for a visit.

My Grandmother, Opal, still has a lot of spirit in her and is a lovely Redhead. I love her attitude and and when she gets passionate about a story she is telling her Oklahoma accent gets stronger and stronger. My Grandmother is half Choctaw Indian and has the most amazing cheek bones and defined jawline which she inherited from her Indian side.  She has always had amazing skin that she attributes to staying out of the California sun. Raised in poverty in Oklahoma, she later moved to LA and raised six children with my Grandpa. She has been married to Ivan, her second husband and love of her life as she describes him, for 54 years. Grandma is well loved by her 15 grandkids, 29 great grandkids and 12 great great grandkids!

Image 6My Grandmother was telling me that she loves her hats and showed us her hat collection. She was telling us that nobody at her current church wears hats so her hats stay in their hat boxes. She is going to be starting a new church soon and hopes that the ladies there wear hats so she can pull hers out and wear them too. Each hat has a matching outfit and my favorite was the one in the picture below. She has a velvet coat with fur that she wears with this hat, which thought was very stunning. I suggested to her that her hats are so wonderful that she should wear them regardless if anyone else is wearing a hat and she should start a trend. She was telling me a story about a young boy who came up to her one day when she was wearing the hat in the photo with the beautiful plush coat with fur. The boy told her she was the most beautiful person he had ever seen. She was so flattered and it brought a smile to her face.

My hope for you as we close 2014 is to live intentionally. Is there someone you have been meaning to visit or a friend you have put off calling? Well now is the time! Live intentionally in 2015 and cross off all those things that you keep saying you should do in the future and put them in your schedule now. I am so happy that I took the time to visit my Grandmother and had an opportunity to visit and take photos of her.

Image 8

I love hats too! Come join us in 2015 and feel beautiful with us! Lots of love as we close out 2014,  Karen Rae


Last Minute Stocking Stuffers!

Last Minute Stocking Stuffers!

Here are some of my favorites to suggest to your little elves who will be helping to fill stockings this Christmas!

ImageMoroccan oil finish spray to bring out the shine in your hair! The spray is lightweight, alcohol-free and non greasy. I picked up this little gem at Tiffany Ann Home at Country Village. You can also find this online on Amazon.


Image 3

Need a breath of fresh air to your skin? I use the Kate Somerville DermalQuench Liquid Lift after I cleanse and it feels like oxygen added to my pores. I need all the help I can find to feel awake in the morning and this product does the trick! I found this at Nordstrom.


Image 5Look fabulous for all the family photos during the Holidays. Here is a powder to keep your makeup looking fresh during a photo. The HD Powder, by Make Up Forever, goes on clear and takes the shine away. You can find this product at Sephora .


Image 2For a little youthful luminescence, I use Burberry Fresh Glow Nude Radiance. I found this luxurious product by accident and love using it under my foundation. It gives you a glow but no shine and gives your skin a youthful highlight. Find it at Nordstrom.


Image 1I just got a gift the other night that I thought was really great! My son’s girlfriend made me a chocolate sugar scrub! There are quite a few recipes on Pinterest.


What is your favorite family Christmas Tradition?

My favorite tradition growing up was when my Mom and Dad would give us one gift to open on Christmas Eve. Our gift was always PJ’s and we would be so excited to see what was inside the wrapped package. Here we are Christmas 1968 for the yearly picture in front of the tree in our new pajamas. I was the sister not smiling or looking any to happy. I am sure I was not too happy about my sister who was nearly my size being placed on my lap while my two older sisters got to hold “the twins”. Yes, the twins did have their own names but with so many sisters it was much easier to call them one name. We had many happy Christmas’s and I remember staring out the window in my new PJ’s, after my mom had sent us all to bed, just in case I could see Santa flying through the sky on his sleigh.

Merry Christmas to you all and I hope you make some fantastic memories! Karen

Image 2