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Kidfavz, Sara and The Bubble


Kidfavz, Sara and The Bubble

Welcome to kidfavz! On Wednesdays we share our favz that have to do with all the kiddos in our lives.

Today, I decided to share this enchanting photo of my nieces daughter, Sara Rose. I always refer to her as my niece but I am wondering if the correct term is grandniece?  I prefer to be called  Auntie Karen rather than Great Aunt Karen ( it makes me feel younger that way). However, when I was taking one of my other grandnieces to school one day the teachers were a little confused when I said the 3 year old was my niece. I then had to explain to them that she was really my nieces daughter and that her grandmother was my sister and not her mom, all very confusing. Anyway, this lovely photo was taken by Marek Ospaly along with many other photos of their family in a park in Japan recently on a sunny spring day.

They had a photo session in Osaka and Sara was chasing bubbles but they did not show in the photo. Angela, my niece, contacted my son Cameron and he was able to add the bubble back into the photo for them. I love Angela’s comment about the picture of her daughter,”Sara reminds me of a little fairy in the woods here following a magical bubble. I wonder where it will lead her…..”

I feel like we have the beginnings of a story here. Anyone want to add a line? It could be like that game we used to play growing up where each person adds a little to the story.


friendsfavz/kidfavz, Print Design Nails with Emily


Wednesdays we devote to the young people in our lives.

I have so many young people in my life and I love how creative they are.  Today Emily is going to share, How to Paint your Nails with a print design. Thanks for visiting with us Emily!


friendsfavz – kidfavz


Wednesdays are devoted to kids and family! Join me as we visit with Lilly and as she shares her unique collection with us. Lilly is one of my many nieces and is a darling 10 year old. Her Grandfather started a Fossil of the Month Club with her so they would be able to connect and have something in common to share. He sends her a fossil each month with a description that tells about the fossil. Lilly has fun organizing her fossils in a storage unit with drawers, so she can find them later or share with friends. She has some distinctive fossils that I am sure you will enjoy.

Do you have a collection? Another one of my nieces, Dain, has a Barbie collection she is going to share with us here at friendsfavz kidfavz.If you have a collection you would like to share with our young friends contact us at -Karen