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Vlogging, What type of camera to use!


What is a Vlog and what is a Vlogger Fair?

I was wondering the same thing a short time ago. To those of us of a more mature age who are just catching up to the trends, it is a video blog.

Who is vlogging you ask? Well, at this fair the popular personalities are under 40, single or families and they are a hit with the young female generation.

I was amazed and intrigued by the following of these You Tube successes. The majority of attendees at the vlogger fair, a two day event with vendors and you tube personalities, were  young, female and very familiar with all the names of the vloggers who were going to be speaking. Many of the You Tube people have vlogs about themselves and their families, kind of like a reality show but without all the drama. They talk about  family, their daily lives and  interesting things happening around them. Some vlogs have a theme, like make-up tutorials, fashion or crafting, but those types of video blogs were not represented at the fair.

I think the vlogs by Chris Pirillo, Shay Carl, Joey Graceffa, Its Judys life, and many others create a sense of community for many of their followers and invite people to be a part of their lives.  I felt they are a much better set of folks to follow than many of the movie, TV, and music celebrities many follow. It was a safe, fun, creative environment for young people to be attending.

If you like wine, listen in as I talk about my new favorite wine store with the biggest selection around.

Happy trails, Karen Rae

New Thing Tuesday


New Thing Tuesday Button

Lately, I, Karen, have become more spontaneous which is unusual for me. I am usually a planner and have a hard time doing things at the last moment. However, this week I texted my sister-in-laws at the last minute to join me at happy hour at a local winery. We ended up going to an outdoor winery, J. Bookwalter Tasting Studio, next door to the original winery we were planning on going to. The patio area had a nice feel to it and a circular fire pit with tables scattered about. We chose some comfy overstuffed chairs to sit in and sip our newly discovered wines.  I chose a Syrah, Cheryl a Pinot, and Stephanie a Cabernet. The waitress described my wine as a peppery taste but I did not notice that as in some Syrahs. This wine had a warm smooth feel. Slightly peppery but not too much. I thought it was lovely and enjoyed a second glass as much as the first. I believe this is the wine I was enjoying:

2011 Antagonist 100% Syrah

Luckily, the temperature warmed as we sat and chatted and we enjoyed a blue skyed evening in Woodinville, Wa. We were also able to order food from the kitchen of a neighboring winery, Alexandria Nicole. Cheryl and I shared a french dip piled high with roast beef and the best crispy shoesstring french fries ever.


I am not sure if it because I am getting to a new phase in life but I do cherish the time with the people who are most important to me. My kids are at an age where I am not involved in their lives as much and all of a sudden I have a lot more free time. So, I am able to call people at the last minute now and get together. Is there someone you have not seen for awhile? Reach out and give them a call or text and see if they can go out for coffee or lunch. Even if they are not free they will feel great that you contacted them and made them feel special. If you are able to get together, check out a new spot and let us know the new place you went to and experienced. We are all looking for new place to venture to.

One of the things I enjoyed during my wine tasting was one of the gals that worked at the winery. She was so bubbly and would pop by and ask how we were liking our wine and chat a little. Stephanie complemented her on her very ornate gold necklace and she told us all about where she found it and how it was light weight and easy to wear. Then she said, you know we share all the fun about a purchase and where we got it because we want our friends to beautiful too.

We Share things with our friends because we want them to be beautiful too. 

That describes friendsfavz!

Come share with us so we can all be beautiful and enjoy the best that life has to offer!  -Karen Rae

New Thing Tuesday – Rhythm or Not, You can Dance!


IMG_0109I signed up for and attended a new dance studio class this week at Arthur Murray.  I have been searching for a beginner to intermediate dance class during the days and finally found one in Bellevue, Wa.  Today, I learned a few steps of the West Coast Swing and I think this is my new favorite dance. My dance instructor said, you can decide some of your own steps in the West Coast Swing as the girl and not have to do exactly what the lead is doing. My eyes lit up when he said that and he chuckled a bit realizing that I would enjoy a little creative freedom in dance.

I also learned the basic steps, turns and form to the Meringue and the Rumba.  After two hours of dance my head was a bit fuzzy trying to concentrate and my instructors kept testing me to see if I could do all the steps and talk at the same time. Luckily, I passed and am on my way to the next set of classes.

As much as I love the private lessons, I may have to search for a group class that will fit my parent of a college student budget, a bit better. At least I have narrowed down which dances I like the best and enjoyed dancing with someone who is well trained. I thoroughly enjoyed my private lessons and think this is a good way to go if you want some special attention.  I think I will search for a group swing class, especially a beginners West Coast Swing series.

Do you like to dance? Or do you have a recommendation on a dance club, class or teacher that you would recommend to others?

* Check out the Seattle Dance calendar created by Ron Bolin for dance events around the Seattle area.

*I have attended the Maltby Community Dance Events on the first and third Fridays and love to learn from Doug and Penny! Visit them on facebook at Matlby Community Dance for updates and news.


New Thing Tuesday!


This week I tried a new wine, Milgrandt Vineyards Pinot, with my friend Laurie! ImageLaurie was telling me about a twitter event that she joined in on Thursday night with Sean P. Sullivan @wawinereport. He chooses a wine that everyone goes out and buys and tries on the designated Thursday night. Then he begins to asks questions to the twitter followers.

He started out with questions about the label and ended up with, is it a buy or sell. They all join in and comment on the wine and it becomes a great community event. I caught one of the tweets that night and was wondering what was up and tried to follow. I must admit that I am often baffled by twitter. I found the wine they were talking about but didn’t realize that it was a virtual tasting event. I forgot about it until we had Laurie and her husband over for dinner and she walked in with this wine, the Milbrandt Pinot, for us to taste. She told me about the twitter event and then it all made sense.

I looked it up later on twitter and saw all the chatter going on that night regarding the wine. I think the consensus was that it was a light and crisp Pinot for a good price at $13 a bottle that would go well with many foods. I am now following Washington Wine Report so I can join in the next tasting! What fun. I will keep you posted when the next virtual wine tasting event is, in case you want to join in the tasting too.

You can also check out Washington Wine Tasting at

Have you tried a new wine lately that you would recommend to a friend?


New Thing Tuesday! Chic Essentials Trunk Show


I headed to Duvall this week to watch a trunk show of spring fashions from Chic Essentials. They are reinventing themselves and going only online at I love their line of clothing because it is fashionable and comfortable with cottons and lycra blends.  The lines they carry are updated and detailed with fun buttons and lines to flatter any figure! You will have to check them out online next month. They are just getting their online store up and running so be patient if their selection is not showing on their site yet. It is definitely worth the wait!

Also, check out Match Coffee and Wine in Duvall, they were wonderful hosts and served everyone with a smile. Christel Vander Weide   entertained us throughout the night with her beautiful voice. You can find her information at

I was talking with a gal at the show and we were both commenting on how hard it is to find clothes that are appropriate yet stylish for women who are in their 40’s and up or someone who does not have the “perfect” shape. Maybe you are needing tops that are a little longer or fuller through the midsection but not boxy. Yet, you still want to look like you have a waist or a figure.  I would love to find stores or places online to shop and share these with all of our friends here at friendsfavz.

So, if you have a favorite line of clothing or favorite store that fits the not so perfect figure let us know so we can share it on our blog with all of our friends. 

Some of my favorites are Chic Essentials and White House Black Market ( they sometimes have tunic type tops that are fitted yet not too tight with scrumptious fabrics)


New Thing Tuesday! Water Aerobics in the Lazy River


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Have you done One New Thing this week?

My mother-in-law, Doreen, has been talking about her water aerobics class in the lazy river for some time.  She has been going for several months and feels like she has gained strength and balance by doing exercises in the current of the lazy river.  I was curious about this class and finally decided to go to the Lynnwood pool and check it out.  I have gone three times now and love how I feel after working out in the current.  I should admit that they were not going to let me join the class the first time because it is a class for people 62 years old and over. The  guy at the desk looked and realized the class was not very full and could use a few more people so we decided maybe I look like a very, very young 62. We have done several workouts focusing on core, upper body and endurance and you get as much as you put into it, as with any water aerobics class. I have been enjoying this class so much that I bought a pass for better pricing on the classes!

Rec Center Banner

The Lynnwood Pool has something for everyone, a lazy river, kids play area, slides, therapeutic pool and a lap pool.

Let us know what you have done lately that got you out of your comfort zone! Let us cheer for you and your accomplishment!


New Thing Tuesday! Exploring Huntington Beach


My son Tanner and I were visiting colleges last week in Los Angeles and had some extra time on our hands. We decided to check out some of the beaches that we had never been to before.  A new experience and place for our New Thing Tuesday! I am liking this idea of new things, especially when it involves sunshine and the beach.

Do you have a favorite beach?