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New Thing Tuesday, Adventures with Darla


Meet my sister Darla!

She went on a huge adventure this last week to Red Mountain Resort in Utah. I am so proud of her and what she has accomplished this last year.
One year ago she was in pain, struggling to move and had just gone through her second surgery which took bone spurs out of her neck. She has always been an advent athlete and she was barely able to get out of bed by herself after her surgeries. I know because I spent many days helping her out of bed and down the stairs. It still brings tears to my eyes thinking about her after her surgeries and seeing first hand how much she had to deal with. The amount of pain she tolerated between her surgeries was incredible, something I surely would not have handled with as much dignity. During my time as nurse, I did enjoy our quiet evenings to catch up and have some quality time with my baby sister. Ok, I have to let you know that I have two baby sisters since she has an identical twin, Deena. Long deep discussions are not something we are able to do at family events since we have six girls in our family. We usually fight to get a word in edgewise and so the conversations tend to be quick and kind of fluffy.

Darla has achieved so much in this last year through perseverance, a lot of hard work and sheer will. She  not only is able to do an average workout but spent a whole week doing multiple workouts daily during her week stay at this health resort. Darla, you are an inspiration to me and next time maybe I can join you on your next adventure! I am not sure I could keep up with you but I would be happy to hang by the pool while you do your five different classes in one day!

Love you lots, your big sister Karen


One New Thing on Tuesdays!


One New Thing!

I am off to do One New Thing each week for the new year!  I joined Golds Gym last September and have not taken a single class.  I was talking with the gal who greets everyone and asked her advice on which classes would be good ones to start with.  I told her about my hesitation, or should I say fear, to take a class. It turns out she had the same thoughts and fears about taking classes too.

How many of you don’t take classes at your gym because you don’t want to look like the uncoordinated person who is the only one who doesn’t know any of the steps or routines? It always seems like everyone else in the class has been taking it forever and they never seem to miss a beat or step and know all the names to all the moves. My fear of looking absolutely ridiculous has kept me from trying any classes at any of the gyms I have belonged too.  Do not even get me started on the what to wear to class, so we look as thin as possible standing in front of wall to wall mirrors question.


So, this little gal at the front desk said she has been working at Golds for two years and she said it took her a full year before she took a class.  Well, it has only taken me five months so I was feeling pretty good until I walked into the class and the only spot free in the yoga class was front and center. It was totally quiet in the room and not a single person including the teacher was talking or saying hello or recognizing any other person. I instantly thought, I am in trouble. I pretended like I knew that you were suppose to be quiet and go about stretching and doing breathing exercises but in reality I was wondering why it was so deadpan in the classroom.

Yoga is totally out of my realm but I thought it would be a good thing to try and incorporate into my weekly routine. I was doubting my decision at this point. Luckily, there was a lady next to me that knew the poses so I kept a close eye on her. I had no idea what a cobra pose  was and I am sure I looked totally foolish trying to stand on one leg holding an arm out trying to be an airplane. Then the squats came, I forget the official name, but the teacher kept telling me to bend my knees more. I thought she was crazy and why does she not recognize the fact that my legs and body just do not work like that. I made it through the class, not gracefully, but finished none the less. I felt like I had climbed a mountain and could put the pole at the top. One New Thing accomplished!

Join me this year trying One New Thing! Every Tuesday I will be reporting in on my One New Thing.  I will be out there trying new things, meeting new people and having new experiences.  I hope you will comment so we can encourage each other to be more adventurous, creative and enjoy the simple pleasure of doing something new for the first time.  I would love to hear what you are doing new to challenge yourself and how you are stepping out of your comfort zone.

Karen Rae Baughn