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Blog Challenge, Day 3 – A Tutorial

Blog Challenge, Day 3 – A Tutorial

Today’s challenge is to create a tutorial blog post.

Luckily, I have a little video that  I filmed two years on how to create beaded serve ware. I did not have an HD camera at the time, so I had to use my Iphone and balance it on a box! Every time I bumped the table the phone jiggled and made the video a bit wobbly!

I invited my mom and sisters over for a girls crafting night. What a blast it was to create some pieces of flatware and see how each person created something so different. I had purchased some beads but the best pieces came from old jewelry that had broken and were recreated into masterpieces. I love crafting but am not super talented at crafting. However, it is a fun reason to get some friends together and have some laughs and good times together and use our creative genes.

I just had another girls crafting night last weekend and I think we talked, laughed, ate cake made from scratch (Darla the cake was amazing), and drank a little wine more than we crafted. In other words, we had a great time socializing! My niece Tiffany, brought all the makings for vinyl lettering for wall hangings and glass etching. Thanks to Tiffany’s patients we all had a chance to create one piece. Thanks Tiff, for all your hard work and getting all the supplies and transporting them to my house.

The tutorial video will be coming soon.IMG_2005 IMG_2007

Do you have a favorite craft? We are always needing ideas for our next girls crafting night!

Be crafty my friends and we will see you next time here at friendsfavz!

Karen Rae


How to make a Yard Art Lamp Flower Basket



friendsfavz is all about the things we love and want to share with our friends. Today I am sharing one of my passions, Crafting Projects!

Do you love to do creative projects but lack the creative gene? That is me! I love to do creative art projects and always have a good time but I would not consider myself an art diva.  I have so many friends that are truly talented and creative art divas that I am excited to share them with you. On this episode, my sister Darla will be sharing how to make a Lamp Flower Basket for your yard.

Darla is number five of six sisters and has an identical twin, she is a whopping 4 minutes older than her younger sister Deena. She is camera shy, so she did not want to be filmed but works along side of me with the instructions. Even though my twin sisters have developed their own look and style over the years they still get mistaken for each other. 

Darla happens to be one with a creative gene and she makes beautifully artsy projects and comes up with new ideas on a whim. Our last project together, we created beaded serve ware out of old broken beaded bracelets. I love using things we already have and creating something new! Renew, recycle and be creative.

On this video, Darla helps me create some yard art while saving some old lamps from going to the trash. She made an original lamp flower basket for my mom last year for Mothers Day. I loved it and was intrigued by the height  and shape of the basket and how it held the flowers so uniquely. I knew I had to have her explain it to all of us on a video so we could have our own flower baskets to dress up our gardens. Darla also chose grasses and flowers that accentuate the height and originality of the piece.

Thanks Darla for helping create some Yard Art!!

Darla's Lamp Flower Basket

Darla’s Lamp Flower Basket

I love to hear from you so leave a comment about a creative yard art project you have worked on lately.

Keepin it Hip on Thursdays! Karen