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Rebecca J. Clark , USA Today Best Selling Author


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Are you looking for a realistic way to eat healthier and shed a few pounds? Do you need a simple checklist to remind you of what you should be doing? If so, then USA Today Best Selling Author Rebecca J. Clark’s book, The Checklist Diet, is just for you. Rebecca is also a well sought out personal trainer at Thrive Community Fitness in Monroe Wa. and has a sensible approach to health and fitness.

An easy-to-follow diet from USA Today bestselling author and personal fitness trainer Rebecca J. Clark!

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21 Days to creating a new habit – Working out in the New Year

IMG_1875You met my sister Candy, she is the one in the center with Janell  and myself in a previous post. We got to share some rare sister time in Palm Springs a few weeks ago at my Grandmothers 90th Birthday Party.  I had a chance to catch up with Candy on our vacation and see how she is managing working out since her stroke. Candy shared her story about having not one, but two strokes and how that has changed her life.

One of the most important things for her is consistency. I have read over the years if you do something for 21 days you will develop a new habit. So, I have been trying to workout this year not worry about how long or hard but just to get moving and create the habit of working out. Candy has also adopted a scheduled routine to keep her moving forward and healthy.

Last week I started off so great with skiing, swimming, lifting then suffered from some of the viruses going around and needed to let my body rest and get better. As I was feeling sorry for myself with my several day challenge. I had to remind myself how good I have it and how a several day interruption does not need to sidetrack my workouts. I reflected on my sister Candy and her challenges in working out. So, I sent her a message and I asked her about her struggles and accomplishments in working out. One of the side effects of the stroke is that she has lost half her vision in each eye, literally seeing only half a world. After reading her response I could no longer justify my self pity. I am excited to get up and get going again and stop whimpering about my short term challenges.

Candy what are your biggest challenges and accomplishments in working out since your stroke? 


  • My biggest challenge working out, is not running into equipment sticking out in my path, haha, but true. The exercise that began as my biggest challenge is the medicine ball chop or what I call the twisty turny thing. It works the whole body as you hold the medicine ball to squat and touch your toes, then twist to the other side of your body lifting the ball over your head, then squatting back down to the opposite foot. I absolutely hated this exercise when I started but now look forward to it on Thursdays. I really feel I am working every part of my body.
  • My biggest accomplishment since my stroke sounds trite and simple but really has made a difference in the half world that I see now. It is learning to turn my head in a full rotation to scan my whole environment. Especially, without worrying about what other people think. This is essential when stepping off curbs for instance and makes a big difference in crowded places. I still get nauseated scanning grocery shelves for instance.
  • I am thankful I can still do my favorite hobbies, which are reading, scrapbooking, and quilting.

Candy is a huge inspiration to me and I admire how she is overcoming so many obstacles!

With a little perseverance we can all get up and get moving in the New Year!

Ever think of adding running to your workout? I have a fun way to introduce running that was suggested by my friend Laurie. I will share that with you next week on Working Out in the New Year.-Karen

Working out in the New Year – Candy’s workout!