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Mod Mondays


Welcome to Mod Mondays! This is where friends share what is hip and new! This week I checked in with Natalie, a junior in high school to see what the younger generation is finding fun and new!

Lacquer nail polish at the salons seem to be all the rage, last longer and do not chip like regular nail polish. To create this look at home Natalie got a new Gelish nail polish, Top it off, top coat,  and mini UV gel light to make her nails look like she got lacquer nails from a salon! I found the polish for under $5, Top Coat for $15 and mini UV light for under $25 at Sally Beauty Supply. I saw her nails and they looked really great!


I am currently looking for the ultimate place to get my nails done.  Yesterday I tried a new place, Lovely Nails in Bothell and loved the warm rock massage on my legs. However, I am always in search of the “best” salons.  I like a place where they are gentle with your toes, since  I tend to be incredibly sensitive and enjoy a pedicure when they have a soft touch. I find it  hard to relax during a  pedicure when you feel like someone is tickling your toes. Are certain features more important to you when choosing a nail salon? If you have a recommendation I would love to hear it and share with our friends here at friendsfavz.

Join us on Wednesday for  a How to video with Emily as she goes through the steps to create  print nails.


– Karen Baughn