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friendsfavz interview with LB Dutchess


I was at the taping of Socially Savvy on blogtalkradio hosted by LB Dutchess on Monday evening. What a fun time we had sipping wines at Alexandria Nicole Cellars for the taping of the show.

Socially Savvy on blogtalkradio is a show about how to be savvy in all aspects of life. LB  was talking this week on savvy wine tasting, BBQ, boating and picnicking. She Co-hosted with Lisa Cryder of Corks and Canvas, and interviewed Ali Chapman-Boyle and Kristine Bono of Alexandria Nicole Cellars. The radio show was on a countdown to begin so I knew I only had less than a minute to introduce you to LB and her show via video. So I pulled out my phone and did a mini interview.

I have been following Lb and her blogtalkradio show for a couple of years. She is an inspiration to me as she is a gal who is making things happen. She is building a popular radio show by bringing a variety of  guests focused on how to be a little more savvy in all situations.

I love being able to share  talented and inspiring friends with you. I hope you enjoy LB’s radio show and Alexandria Nicole wines as much as I do.

Love to hear from you! Have a great weekend! Karen




How to make a Yard Art Lamp Flower Basket



friendsfavz is all about the things we love and want to share with our friends. Today I am sharing one of my passions, Crafting Projects!

Do you love to do creative projects but lack the creative gene? That is me! I love to do creative art projects and always have a good time but I would not consider myself an art diva.  I have so many friends that are truly talented and creative art divas that I am excited to share them with you. On this episode, my sister Darla will be sharing how to make a Lamp Flower Basket for your yard.

Darla is number five of six sisters and has an identical twin, she is a whopping 4 minutes older than her younger sister Deena. She is camera shy, so she did not want to be filmed but works along side of me with the instructions. Even though my twin sisters have developed their own look and style over the years they still get mistaken for each other. 

Darla happens to be one with a creative gene and she makes beautifully artsy projects and comes up with new ideas on a whim. Our last project together, we created beaded serve ware out of old broken beaded bracelets. I love using things we already have and creating something new! Renew, recycle and be creative.

On this video, Darla helps me create some yard art while saving some old lamps from going to the trash. She made an original lamp flower basket for my mom last year for Mothers Day. I loved it and was intrigued by the height  and shape of the basket and how it held the flowers so uniquely. I knew I had to have her explain it to all of us on a video so we could have our own flower baskets to dress up our gardens. Darla also chose grasses and flowers that accentuate the height and originality of the piece.

Thanks Darla for helping create some Yard Art!!

Darla's Lamp Flower Basket

Darla’s Lamp Flower Basket

I love to hear from you so leave a comment about a creative yard art project you have worked on lately.

Keepin it Hip on Thursdays! Karen

Women Networking Events with friendsfavz!



Do you have a business that you are passionate about and want to share?

Well I am seeking out fantastic businesses that our friends here at need to hear about.

The fabulous Stephanie Richter invited me to a Women Helping Women Win Networking Event last week. I met dozens of Women business owners who love what they do. On this weeks Hip Thursday I will introduce you to some of these women who are excelling in their fields and give you a glimpse at what they do.

If you ever have a chance to meet Stephanie Richter you will walk away feeling beautifully encouraged by her. She is inspiring women to be beautiful on the outside, as she has a successful Mary Kay business, and to feel fabulous on the inside.

Watch as we have fun getting to know each other and encouraging each other to present our businesses!

The next Women Helping Women Win Networking Event will be July 14th! If you would like to showcase your business or attend as a guest, contact Stephanie at

Leave a comment and tell me about your business that is up and coming!

Love and hugs, Karen

friendsfavz, Hosting a Football Party!


Football time! The NFL football playoffs are happening and we having a party Our favorite team is playing, the Seattle Seahawks! My sister Deena had a fantastic idea on how to feed a large group and be able to enjoy her guest and watch the game too! Category People & Blogs License Standard YouTube License

Woodway Class of 1978, 35 year reunion


Could it really be 35 years ago that I graduated from High School?
I grew up in Edmonds Washington where you can smell the salt air and the beach is just a bike ride away.

I remember high school days when people filled the fountain on Main Street with soap and it would overflow into the street. My friend Val and I would cruise the beaches in her 55 Ford truck and look for our friends, well, really we were looking for cute guys. Everyone would go to the football games then head to Herfy’s for fries and shakes after the game! What fun times and we thought we were so grown up.

Jump ahead 35 years, now many classmates have moved back to Edmonds realizing what a gem it is with the ferry, the sound and the quaint little town. We have gone from a world revolving around us as teens to having navigated through the years of raising kids and are now faced with being empty nesters. I must say that I am looking forward to having hobbies again and having time to reconnect with old friends.

I describe our class as being special with many bonds. We have had great turnouts for our reunions and I know especially as we get older how much we appreciate seeing each other. We have grown past the high school groups and can enjoy our sense of community and building new friendships.

Here are a few snapshots for those of you who were not able to make it to the reunion. Sorry, for the low quality photos and movies. The lighting was not good with our camera phones and everyone was busy visiting so we did not get photos of all who attended.
Hope you are all doing well and see you in five years at the next reunion!

Karen Rae

Vlogging, What type of camera to use!


What is a Vlog and what is a Vlogger Fair?

I was wondering the same thing a short time ago. To those of us of a more mature age who are just catching up to the trends, it is a video blog.

Who is vlogging you ask? Well, at this fair the popular personalities are under 40, single or families and they are a hit with the young female generation.

I was amazed and intrigued by the following of these You Tube successes. The majority of attendees at the vlogger fair, a two day event with vendors and you tube personalities, were  young, female and very familiar with all the names of the vloggers who were going to be speaking. Many of the You Tube people have vlogs about themselves and their families, kind of like a reality show but without all the drama. They talk about  family, their daily lives and  interesting things happening around them. Some vlogs have a theme, like make-up tutorials, fashion or crafting, but those types of video blogs were not represented at the fair.

I think the vlogs by Chris Pirillo, Shay Carl, Joey Graceffa, Its Judys life, and many others create a sense of community for many of their followers and invite people to be a part of their lives.  I felt they are a much better set of folks to follow than many of the movie, TV, and music celebrities many follow. It was a safe, fun, creative environment for young people to be attending.

If you like wine, listen in as I talk about my new favorite wine store with the biggest selection around.

Happy trails, Karen Rae

friendsfavz at Vlogger Fair


Vlogger Fair happening June 8-9 in Seattle Wa. If you have a video blog, want to learn or just meet some of the Vloggers from You Tube head on down to Vlogger fair today. Lots of vendors to help you get started. Here is a short snippet of Shay Carl and his interview at the vlogger fair.